Fit India Movement

Students of ninth and tenth grade were asked the importance of physical education in their lives. Also how many games periods should be there for them in the curriculum? The response was amazingly enthusiastic. Apparently every student was in favour of sports and exercise and understood the significance of keeping fit. Once the ground work was done and this topic was introduced, they were asked to write a short poem in class titled Fit India School. The students came up with a wonderful creative composition of an array of poetry that was very impressive. These ranged from the morning exercise to clean air and environment and from eating an apple to a daily need of balanced diet, from idolizing Ronaldo to enjoying a P.T. period in school. The response was awesome. Some of the pictures taken in a class are a proof of the enthusiasm in children manifesting how important sports or fitness is to them in their lives.

In an attempt to promote fitness among children, St. Paul’s School also observed the fitness week in the second and third week of November to make the students realise the importance of fitness amd make them fit. The students actively participated in yoga which included asans like sukhasana, vajrasan, pashchimotanasana, ushtrasana , mandukasana and tadasana with great interest and enthusiasm. These activities also inculcate leadership skills and team spirit among students.