Career Counseling

Career Counseling Sessions for Classes X, XI and XII

Class X onwards and at times earlier, students and their parents start thinking about their career options and the subjects of study in Classes XI and XII. When students enter Class XI the major thoughts that they and their parents have are about the graduation course options. Then in Class XII, the students’ foremost thoughts are about gaining admission into a college and the course they aspire for, or least the best matches related to their academic performance in Classes XI and XII at school and the expected performance in the board and entrance exams.

To facilitate right career choices, St. Paul’s School sought professional guidance in organizing career counseling sessions for Classes X, XI and XII. During The pandemic too, we conducted online sessions for students. These sessions help students to get a complete insight into the trending courses.

The sessions focus on these following points:

Class X:

  • Building awareness about different careers that can be pursued today.
  • Providing insights into careers that will prosper in the future
  • Helping them choose the subject streams and combinations for Classes XI and XII

Class XI

  • Creating awareness among students about courses for graduation
  • Guiding them in the preparation for obtaining admission to those courses in India
  • Guiding them in the preparation for entrance exams

Class XII

  • Guiding students in shortlisting courses and colleges for seeking admission from among 1000+ courses being offered by the universities in India.
  • Helping them understand the issues that need to be dealt with in seeking a college admission for those courses.
  • Guiding them in pursuing college admissions in India.