Kalka Public School conducted the ‘A Sankalan of Wit picks – Mission Innovation’ a one-day literary fest comprising a wide range of events on diverse forms on 02 August 2022. Our school whole-heartedly participated in many events and competed against all the schools present. In one of the events of art skill – Decoupage, our students showed their hands on creativity through single use plastic. Sumedha Rajwanshi of class 7B and Samaira Singh of class 8C participated in the Decoupage competition and secured the first position.

The Mother’s International School conducted “The Luminaire” on 10 August 2022. It was a process to kindle the lamp of curiosity in young minds and set them on an experimental journey to discover beauty and truth hidden deep beneath the surface. Our school actively participated in different events conducted there and students had a great experience. Vadini Gupta (12C) of our school participated in the poetry writing competition in English – ‘On the Wings of Poesy’ and secured the first position.

Mount St. Mary’s School, Delhi Cantt conducted the “Matrix Ecomm Symposium”, a daylong event which provided an extensive platform for experimental learning on a larger canvas on 08 October 2022. Students from our school participated in the event and showed great keenness. Deepak Gautam and Bhumi Dawar of class 12B received the Best Investors award in Bidding Bankers category.

Fr. Agnel School conducted the Innovision Mind-Quest 2022 on 19 October 2022. A series of competitions comprising a wide range of events for the students to get motivated, energized and to test personal abilities and to think out of the box were conducted. Nidhi Jha (10A), Mokshaa Patel (10B), Gunakshi Jain (10D) and Gayatri Gopinath (10D) participated in the Sci-Art Mosaic competition and secured the first position. Also, Disha Gupta (12B) , Khushi Malik(12B) , Jishnu Narayanan (11B) and Celina Binu(12B) participated in Flip The Channel competition and secured the second position.

Mount Columbus School conducted the Fiesta-22 on a digital platform, on the theme Sustainable Development Goals on 28 October 2022. It focused on a plan to end severe poverty , reduce inequality and protect the planet by 2030. Our school participated in the Fiesta very enthusiastically. Serah Mariam Mathews of class 6A actively participated in the reckoning competition. She made a Makedo Windball using different mathematical shapes with cardboard (3D shape) and secured the third position.

Dhwani-2022 inter-school competition was held at St. Thomas’ Church on 30 October 2022. Students from our school actively participated in the singing competition and exhibited their amazing and powerful singing skills. Karen George of class 9C secured the second position in the junior category.

The New Delhi YMCA, Students and Youth Committee organised an Inter School Talent Contest on 14 November 2022 to give a platform to the students to compete in a healthy environment where creativity is tested. Students from our school showcased their talents in various events and Karen George of class 9C secured the first position in western singing (Solo) competition.

12th National Geography Olympiad was organised by Geo Genius India on 04 December 2022. It provided students all over India a way to qualify for the International Geography Olympiad conducted each July. Many students from our school actively participated in the online Olympiad in sub-junior, junior and senior categories. In the sub-junior category, Aanya Jain (2C) secured the first position and got qualified for the National Level II, Jonathan Varghese Bibin (4B) secured the second position, Nikita Kaur (2C) secured the third position , Dolcy Rai (2B) secured the third position. In the junior category, Aaron Tom Bins(7A) secured the first position and gotqualified for the National Level II, Kiaan Singh (6A) secured the second position and Talish Ansari (5C) secured the third position