We Travel Around


    • Carolina Giacomel and Giuditta Mazzi, two students from Italy were hosted by St. Paul’s School for a year, organised by AFS
    • The Ark Project- A positive vision of a Low carbon future an exchange programme with Wolvercote Primary School, Wolvercote, Oxford, UK.
    • E-Pal’s Club Exchange Program- (Comparing & Contrasting India & U.K.) between 30 students of our school and 30 students of Westwoodside Primary school, UK
    • Routes to Roots and (CAP) Citizen’s Archive of Pakistan exchange programme between India and Pakistan where students communicated with each other through exchange of postcards, pictures, audio messages and photographs.


AFS Exchange Programme:

    • Mario D A Cavisto from Rome, Italy and Jennifer Lynn Mauro joined our school and was here for a year.
    • Gifty Samuel of Class XI went to Alaska for a year’s scholarship programme by AFS.
    • Alphy Geever, Elsa Paulose and Niyanta Gupta visited Japan for 3 weeks under AFS Cultural Programme.
    • Ajay P Samuel of Class XI went on a 13 days Exchange Programme by JENESYS to Japan.
    • Delegates from Pakistan visited St. Paul’s school and a teacher and four students visited Pakistan in February organised by Routes to Roots and CAP.


    • Abhishek Popli visited Japan in December 2012 for 3 weeks by AFS
    • Srishty Mittal of Class XI went to USA on an AFS sponsored programme
    • Leonor from Switzerland was hosted by our school for a year under AFS Programme.
    • A team of Japanese delegation visited our school for tie ups with the Japan intercultural exchange programme.
    • Volker Schlogell from Germany visited our school for 3 weeks on a CBSE Sponsored Exchange Programme.S
    • Ojaswi Biswas of class X went to Japan for three weeks on a CBSE sponsored Exchange programme.
    • Ms. Nivedita Sibbal, Geography Teacher went to Istanbul to attend a conference and conducted a workshop on Water Crisis, for a week, organized by AFS.